Investor’s Tip: Value Add ideas

If you are considering the investment potential of a property, don’t forget to think about possible changes in use which could improve value. Occasionally I run across properties that are not being utilized to their highest potential.  The most common example is probably a single-family home that is on a commercially zoned parcel of land.[…]

Market Statistics relating to Homes for Sale in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado

Some unofficial stats for February so far

So far in February…  single family detached for most of our area (ft collins, windsor, loveland etc.) 317 New Listings 91 BOM (back on market which is expired then renewed etc.) for a total of 408 242 (backup) 6 (first right) 54 (pending) or 302 under contract 107 sold 73 withdrawn 45 expired so 527[…]

Looking for a job? Don’t forget to look north to Cheyenne

Did you know that Cheyenne, WY is only a 40 mile, traffic-free commute from Fort Collins and has lots of good job potential? Although we’d all love to live and work in the same town, it’s pretty common for people living in Fort Collins to look for a job in other cities on the front[…]

Building development by decade in Fort collins

Fort Collins city planning history for home buyers

I sat in on a great presentation recently by local Realtor, Linda Hopkins regarding the history of Fort Collins and was reminded of some valuable pieces of insight that could be very helpful to home buyers in Fort Collins.  One of the most important things she pointed out today in her presentation on the history[…]

Picture of bike with snow on it in Fort Collins

5 ways to winterize your home in Northern Colorado

It looks like we’ve got another 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground this morning.  Unless you’ve been living in complete isolation, you’re probably well aware that winter is quickly approaching us in Northern Colorado.   Especially after last week’s snowpocalypse that brought down tree limbs across Fort Collins .  All this means[…]

Information about Radon for Home Buyer's in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor

Dealing with radon when buying or selling a home in Northern Colorado

Required Reading: City of Fort Collins Radon Brochure If you’re a home buyer in Fort Collins, you are required to be given a copy of this brochure.  You can download it here.  You can also read frequently asked questions about radon on the City of Fort Collins Website: Radon Tips for Northern Colorado Home Buyers[…]