Fort Collins Home Sales Market Report, June 2010

End of the month Market Report of homes sales data for the Fort Collins region shows some modest improvement from last year’s numbers. Nothing groundbreaking here for Fort Collins, but some signs that homes are starting to sell again, and that there are buyers out there.

Here’s a few key points I noticed when comparing the numbers between June of 2010 and June of 2009.

  • # of active listings has decreased compared to June 2009. This means that the available inventory in the housing market is declining, which is typically a good thing if you are selling your house. In short, less inventory means higher demand.
  • $ Volume of Sold Single family units was $85,000,000 for June 2010 compared to $67,000,000 for June 2009.
  • Highest increase in sales over last year was for homes with 4 or more bedrooms.

Numbers in Perspective

Many sellers have been wondering how the end of the $8,000 tax credit would impact the housing market, and wondering if they would be back to the stalemate that seemed to be happening in the summer of 2009. As a result, it’s good to see in this market report that the number of sales continued to improve over June of last year. For reference, this month in 2007 saw 352 total homes sales. Number of sales is just under 2008 numbers which were 320. So for this month at 310, we saw a %14 increase.

FHA Financing Has Increased Dramatically From a Few Years Ago

Last month’s post contained some good links about FHA Financing. For the last two years at least FHA financing has increased dramatically. In June of 2007 9 of 352 home sales involved an FHA loan. This month, 92 of 310 homes sales were acquired with an FHA loan.

Short Sale List

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my June 2010 Market Report for Home Sales in Fort Collins!