Why it’s a good time to sell your South College Heights home

Today we’re going to look at the numbers and compare today’s market conditions in South College Heights, Fort Collins with the same time period a year earlier(2011). What we’ll see is that the real estate market is hot in this neighborhood and in only a year’s time frame we’ve seen a big shift from a buyer’s to a seller’s market.

South College heights continues to draw an increasing number of active home buyers looking for a Fort Collins location that is close to town, relatively affordable, and provides more sqft for the money. Many homes in this neighborhood have attractive open floor plans, 1 or 2 car attached garages, and nice usable yards.


The Numbers

I’m comparing 3/4/11 thru 9/4/11 with 3/4/12 thru 9/4/12


# Sales

Total Volume

High Sale

Low Sale

Average Price

Median Price



















What this means if you are thinking about selling your home

If you’re thinking about selling your home there’s no better time. Our supply is down(10 sales vs. 17 sales), our demand is up(average days on market is down from 80 to 67), and as a result our median sale price has risen $16,500 in just one year.