The often overlooked value of parks & open space

Couple walking at City Park

When it comes to living well, if you ask me, the space surrounding your home is just as important as what’s between your four walls.  One of the things that makes Fort Collins great is the value the community has placed on parks and open space.  Did you know that the City of Fort Collins manages 43 separate natural area sites that contain more than 36,000 acres of open space in and around Fort Collins?  Did you know that the city was intentionally planned to incorporate a local neighborhood park within every square mile of the city?  It’s one of the things that I believe makes living in Fort Collins  such a great lifestyle choice!

As you look at a map of Fort Collins, you’ll notice that there are two main types of parks.  There are local neighborhood parks and there are much larger community parks.  Think of community parks as locations you may actually drive across town to reach.  These are places such as Edora Park, City Park, Rolland Moore, and Spring Canyon Park.  These parks are typically around ~100 acres and strategically located in the city.  They contain public pools, water features, frisbee golf, dog parks, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and much more.

Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir just 10 minutes away

Local neighborhood parks on the other hand are the places which will typically only be used by your immediate neighbors.  Others wouldn’t typically drive across town because they already have their own neighborhood park.  These parks may share space with local elementary schools and junior highs as well.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Fort Collins, pay attention to the open space next time you’re here.  You’ll begin to realize the high value this city places on open space and outdoor recreation.  When you remember that over 144,0000 residents call Fort Collins home, you’ll really be thankful for the job our city planners have done!