How to Prepare Your Home Before You Leave for the Holidays

You can own a home and also have the freedom to leave it safely behind, with a little bit of foresight and planning.  Below are a few highlighted ideas to keep in mind when anticipating your next holiday or getaway.

Ask a good friend, a trustworthy neighbor, or hire someone do a few small things to look after your home:

  • Pick up the Mail
  • Shovel snow from the public use sidewalks to avoid a fee, and as a security precaution, shovel the driveway.
  • Take out the trash and return the bin to its storage place
  • Let your pet(s) out each morning and evening, or care for them at their home
  • Make sure everything looks secure
  • Mow the lawn, if you plan to be gone for an extended time
  • Care for your garden

Before you leave, to conserve energy, you should:

  • Set the water heater to “vacation” mode, or turn down the temperature
  • Turn down your thermostat in Winter, ideally to 55 degrees, or warm enough for plants and animals in the home, and to protect pipes from freezing
  • Unplug electronics

For security reasons, you could:

  • Keep a car parked in the driveway
  • Set a couple lights to a timer to turn on and off automatically each evening
  • Have a friend open curtains each morning and close them each evening so that it appears someone is home. Alternatively you could keep the curtains open.
  • Remove valuables from window view
  • Place smaller valuables in a safe
  • Set up a home alarm system
  • Make sure all doors and windows are secure
  • Hire outside work to be done, like painting, landscaping, roofing, etc

Planned ahead, these few small steps can save you from worry while you are away.

Have a joy filled Thanksgiving!