How to find building permits, CO’s, and other docs online

Did you know you can find building permits, certificates of occupancy, site plans, past city correspondence, and even past violations for any Fort Collins property online?  This is a very helpful due diligence resource for any buyer purchasing a home.  By going to you can simply type in the address of the property you are researching and voilà, you can see a list of documents the City of Fort Collins has online for the subject property.

Screenshot of Fort Collins' public records search page

Screenshot of Fort Collins’ public records search page

Here are just a few things I’ve used this website for in the past when doing due diligence as a buyer’s agent:

  • Find out if a building permit was pulled for past renovations.  This also helps you verify the dates that past work was done on a house.  Ex: sometimes a seller will say “the furnace is ~5-10 years old”.  By reviewing the permit, you can find out when it was actually done.
    • Past Roofing Permits
    • Furnaces
    • Water heaters
    • Additions
    • Bathrooms
  • Certificates of Occupancy –  If a home is being sold as a “legal multi-family”, it is important to have a CO (certificate of occupancy) for each unit.
  • Past violations – This could be occupancy violations, deferred maintenance, etc.
  • Site plans – if larger additions were made to the home, sometimes these are required to be submitted to the city
  • Zoning changes

The City of Loveland has a similar online portal at:

This is a screenshot of Loveland's online portal at

This is a screenshot of Loveland’s online portal at