10 Surefire Ways to Make Sure Your Home DOES NOT Sell

Hire an agent without an interview

When you decide to sell your home, the real estate professional you choose may be the single most important decision you make. A great way to make sure your home does not sell, is to hire an agent based on non-business reasons (ie: the family friend or your boss’s daughter) and choose not to interview them before you hire them. (Hint: You should hire your family friend because they are a good at what they do not because you’re afraid to hurt their feelings if you don’t)

Compensate for potential low offers by setting your price a little higher

This is a great way to make your neighbor’s home look like a good deal and ensure that it sells before yours. Pricing is one of the most import factors to take into account. Pricing your home too high will turn off prospective buyers. Pricing too low will leave money on the table.

Assume the buyers will make improvements

Don’t paint. Don’t replace carpet. Don’t update fixtures. And definitely don’t de-clutter the house. If you actually want the house to sell you need to make sure your home is in top shape and that all maintenance items have been completed. When a buyer sees things that need to be improved, they may question whether or not there are other problems with the house they aren’t seeing.

Take your own photos

Since almost all buyers will decide whether or not to see your home based upon the photos available of your house. Having low lit photos that don’t take advantage of a wide angle lense, external flash, and are poorly framed is a great way to make sure no one sees your home. As extra credit, make sure you are visible in the mirror when you take photos of bathrooms. If you actually want people to see your house, make sure your agent invests in professional quality photos.

Don’t use property flyers

When buyers are serious about a house, one of the most common things they do is drive by a home before seeing it to check out the neighborhood. Make sure they can’t find out any more information about your home when they do.

Turn the lights off

First impressions are lasting. If you want a poor first impression, close the blinds and make sure your home feels like a dungeon when a new buyer walks in. This way you’ll have saved $1.00 on your electricity bill.

Don’t leave the house for showings

Make sure you stick around and make the new buyers feel uncomfortable in your home. This will ensure that the new buyers can’t freely discuss their impressions of your home. Instead of being able to get excited about your home and envision living there, they will whisper awkwardly as they tip toe around your home waiting to leave.

Leave your family photos up…everywhere

Instead of making your home feel like a blank canvas that new buyers can attach their own emotions to, be sure to leave all your family photos up throughout the house. This will keep any type of emotional attachment to your home at a bare minimum.

Let the dog greet all your visitors

Buyers may pet your dog and say “he’s so cute”, but what they’re really doing is gritting their teeth and thinking “ I wonder what kind of wear and tear this is from this pet”?

Assume that buyers will understand

Lastly, if you really don’t want to sell your house, just assume that the buyers will understand. That they will see through your clutter, past the roof that needs repaired, or the carpet that needs replaced and still want to get excited about buying your home.