November 8, 2011

About Kenny Layton

About Me

I currently live in Fort Collins with my wife Katie, our daughter, and dog Loki.  We continue to call Northern Colorado home because we love the lifestyle, the people, and the fantastic recreation opportunities.  In our minds, it’s very hard to find a higher quality of life than Northern Colorado!  Katie and I are both outdoor enthusiasts and tend to spend most of our free time skiing, mountain biking, or whitewater kayaking/rafting.  We also renovate homes and have a few rental properties that we manage and maintain.


Your Principal Agent

When it comes to buying or selling a home, it involves a lot more than just completing a financial transaction.  The process is often an emotional experience as buyers work through the process of discovering what they really desire and sellers’ embark on the journey of letting go.  I believe having someone you can trust, who will get to know you along the way is extremely important.  You’ll always know who you’ll be dealing with and have someone who understands all the decisions you’ve made along the way.

Kenny Layton

My Real Estate Experience

I’ve been a Realtor in Northern Colorado since 2010.  It’s been been a rewarding career choice that has enabled me to use both my enjoyment of working with others and my past experience in residential construction & sales.  I pride myself on being able to provide exceptional one-on-one service and be the type of agent who can be trusted to help my clients achieve their goals.   I’m passionate about helping my clients make informed decisions and finding homes that really meet their personal & lifestyle goals.  I also have experience renovating homes, managing & investing in rental properties, and online marketing which I consistently bring to my job.  This experience gives me valuable, local knowledge that I love being able to help share with my clients.

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