Improve New Home Energy Efficiency by ~25% for “FREE”

One of my focuses within real estate is new construction.  When buyer’s are designing a home, one of the often overlooked features is the addition of a hybrid air source heat pump system.  When an air source heat pump is combined with typical natural gas furnace, homeowners can recognize energy savings of an estimated 25% in this area. I’m using numbers based on the report below done by CO Springs Utilities.

Colorado Springs Utilities has produced a really good White Paper explaining the benefits of a Hybrid Gas Heat and Air Source Heat Pump

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump functions in the same way that your refrigerator or air conditioner functions except that it is providing warm/cool air for your home.  Because this process is often more energy efficient that using a standard air conditioner or furnace, it has the ability to provide long term energy savings for your home.

The U.S. Department of Energy has a good web page explaining air source heat pump systems.

The “Free” Part of the Equation

Now here’s the fun part.  There is currently an available rebate from PV REA at $275/ton for “dual fuel” central air source with non-electric back up (that’s what we’re talking about here). Now, let’s take Savant Homes Inc. the builder I represent. I’m using them because I’m familiar with the product.  To add an air source heat pump to an existing %92 efficient natural gas furnace will cost you approximately $1,100 (these numbers are general and vary on the size of the home).  At that price you’re probably looking at a 4 ton system and an equal rebate of $1,100.  That’s a net cost of $0!


For the buyer building a new home in Northern Colorado who is willing to do a little bit of paperwork, it is possible to realize energy savings of ~25% at a very minimal cost if not a cost of zero dollars.