Investor’s Tip: Value Add ideas

If you are considering the investment potential of a property, don’t forget to think about possible changes in use which could improve value. Occasionally I run across properties that are not being utilized to their highest potential.  The most common example is probably a single-family home that is on a commercially zoned parcel of land.[…]

How to find building permits, CO’s, and other docs online

Did you know you can find building permits, certificates of occupancy, site plans, past city correspondence, and even past violations for any Fort Collins property online?  This is a very helpful due diligence resource for any buyer purchasing a home.  By going to you can simply type in the address of the property you are researching[…]

Market Statistics relating to Homes for Sale in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado

FHA vs. Conventional Financing

This is a question I receive often when talking about financing a mortgage and this is a portion of an email I received last week outlining the differences between FHA and Conventional financing.  Even though the minimum down payment for an FHA loan is 3.5% versus 5% with a conventional loan, the outcome might surprise you. —email—[…]

Market Statistics relating to Homes for Sale in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado

The weather isn’t the only thing that warmed up early | Fort Collins Market Report March 2012

Written by: Rick Hausman, Supervising Broker, Roots Real Estate. The weather isn’t the only thing that warmed up early… So has Real Estate Activity. Residential Detached Market Analysis The number of homes sold (detached and attached), and the median sales price is up in March compared to March 2011. In my opinion in any market[…]

Major FHA Changes to Increase Borrower’s Cost

This information courtesy of Teri Evans at Premier Mortgage Group. This week several major changes were announced at HUD that will have a direct impact on FHA borrowing costs. If you have clients that are on the fence share this information with them. These changes go into effect on all new FHA case numbers generated[…]

Market Statistics relating to Homes for Sale in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado

Are the tides turning for sellers? Market Report January 2011

Inventory is very low, and demand has stayed the same.  There are lots of buyers in the market that are having trouble finding homes to purchase and multiple offer situations are not uncommon right now if your home is well priced and well marketed.  We’ve been seeing this trend develop all fall and if our[…]

Understanding Colorado Property Taxes at the Closing Table

Sitting at the closing table trying to figure out how property taxes are calculated at the sale of a property can be quite confusing, especially since most of us aren’t in the habit of buying and selling our homes on a frequent basis. I ran across the following article from Guardian Title in Fort Collins[…]

Market Statistics relating to Homes for Sale in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado

So How’s the Market? Fort Collins Market Report Nov 2011

November 2001 Fort Collins Real Estate Market Report Here in Fort Collins we continue to see a decline in the housing inventory available to home buyers.  Especially in relation to available condos.  In November 2011 compared to last year, the number of available single-family homes was down by 18% and the number of condos was[…]

Looking for a job? Don’t forget to look north to Cheyenne

Did you know that Cheyenne, WY is only a 40 mile, traffic-free commute from Fort Collins and has lots of good job potential? Although we’d all love to live and work in the same town, it’s pretty common for people living in Fort Collins to look for a job in other cities on the front[…]

Picture of bike with snow on it in Fort Collins

5 ways to winterize your home in Northern Colorado

It looks like we’ve got another 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground this morning.  Unless you’ve been living in complete isolation, you’re probably well aware that winter is quickly approaching us in Northern Colorado.   Especially after last week’s snowpocalypse that brought down tree limbs across Fort Collins .  All this means[…]