Get Educated

Step 1: Get Educated

No, you won’t need to get a degree, but I loved the above picture because it represents the enthusiasm you should have about buying a home.  Did you know that there is a program in Fort Collins that provides new home buyers with up to 6% in closing costs? Do you know the difference between a fixed and an adjustable rate mortgage?  Do you know what Private Mortgage Insurance is? Do you know the different types of representation a Realtor can provide?  These are just a few of the many questions you should know the answers to before you start looking for a home.

For most people, buying a home is the single largest investment they will make in their life. Don’t you think it’d be worth a few hours of your time to learn the basics of what you’re going to be doing before you just start calling the numbers on yard signs and looking for a home.

Take a Free Home Buyers Education Course

I highly recommend taking the free home buyers education course offered through Neighbor to Neighbor in Larimer County. The course is offered every few months and you can get more information here on their website.  The course is an 8-hour in-depth summary of the home buying process.  It is geared towards new home buyers but there is a lot of information that will be valuable for repeat buyers as well.  The course is also a requirement for anyone interested in qualifying for Fort Collins Down Payment Assistance.

I recently sat through the class and was very impressed with the quality of instruction and the amount of pragmatic advice and resources that were offered to new home buyers. I think anyone interested in purchasing a home or wanting to learn more about the process should take this course.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • How to obtain a loan and find a lender
  • How your credit score affects your ability to obtain financing
  • How to find a Realtor
  • Steps in the home buying process
  • The importance of a home inspection
  • Different types of down payment assistance programs available in Colorado

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